Custom Wood Carving

 Work with a designer to select and create a work of art for  your home or business.

           *  Your own designs are carved into one-of-a-kind bas-relief creations which are

both functional and artistic.

           *   Add impressive designs to your front doors and cabinets.  Mango doors with intricate

monstera leaf or breadfruit designs are currently available.

           *   Create attention-getting signs to attract customers.  The locomoco sign at

Cafe 100 is the first sign created by RK Woods with our CNC Router and 3D software.  It

not only attracts customers, but is also a great backdrop for photos taken by residents and tourists.

           *   Create original plaques for information and presentations.

           *   Add decorative elements both outside and inside your home or business.

Door 8.5x10 8015-08x10--6locomoco sign

Mango Wood carved door               Carved Sign, unfinished                       Carved Sign, finished