Marquetry is the art of creating decorative designs and pictures by skillfully utilizing the grain, figure and colors of thin veneers of wood. Each different color in the portrait is a different type of wood that is cut out using a laser and then inlaid and glued to create the entire piece. This is painstaking work by our CNC/laser whiz, Tim Barker. Prices are determined by how large the piece is and how many hours it takes.

Cafe 100 Ohana

Customers who come to Cafe 100 to taste our loco mocos now have a specially carved wooden sign to welcome them!  Every day, this loco moco sign serves as a background for picture taking, especially by our many Japanese visitors.  On the opposite sign of our restaurant is a large hibiscus with Cafe 100 engraved on it.  Thank you, Ray Kobayashi and R.K. Woods, for creating this sign.

Dayton & Charlene Oniwa

R.K. Builders, Inc. built our beautiful custom home in an amazing time frame of six months. Raymond is a skilled craftsman who made it possible for us to have the most gorgeous Eucalyptus floors, which we admire and enjoy every day. Of all the many houses we’ve owned, this home gives us the greatest pleasure and joy.

How to Build a Rocking Chair by R.K. Woods

  Step 1: Choose the wood. This first step is the most important and can take a very long time. Finding wood that is special enough to have a place of honor in your home. Look for color, design, character. Step 2: Dry the wood . We have our own kilns to dry local wood. Step 3: Cut into pieces: the seat, the back, armrests, legs and rocker. Step 4: Assemble carefully. Step 5: Sand and Stain at least three times. Final Product This whole process takes approximately 100 man-hours.


SPECIALIZING IN HAWAIIAN HARDWOODS In 2004, we purchased an ohia forest and built a wood mill and kilns on the property, which allow us to focus on using local hardwoods in home construction. R.K. Builders, Inc. can take a newly cut koa, ohia, mango or eucalyptus tree, cut it into useable sizes, dry it in kilns, then trim the wood into pieces that can create original crafted walls, flooring, ceilings, moldings and cabinets. Before you grade your lot we would be happy to salvage any useable trees to integrate into your new home! R.K. Builder’s recent projects,  Lelepau Street and Kaiwiki Road, both in Hilo, are magnificent examples of Ray’s craftsmanship and vision.  Using local woods in these houses has led Ray to use his creativity to make furniture such as rocking chairs, barstools, coffee tables, end tables, and benches.  We also make koa jewelry boxes and koa and mango urns.