About RKwoodshawaii

      Raymond M. Kobayashi, Jr.

Owner- Wood Crafter

As the owner of R.K. Builders, Inc. Ray has built nearly 600 homes in almost every subdivision in East Hawaii. A few years ago, he built a wood mill and kilns and began milling local woods. He started using koa, mango, eucalyptus, ohia, milo and sugi pine in his houses.
With help from his creative team, he started R.K. Woods making rocking chairs, plant stands, custom tables, jewelry and document boxes. We have showcased our products at Nelson Makua’s Merrie Monarch Invitational Hawaiian Arts fair for the past nine years. This year, a special line of koa and multi-wood jewelry boxes, including some with mirrors, lazy susans, cheeseboards and cutting boards have been started.
Using our CNC router, R.K. Woods has carved wooden figures of a 5-foot sperm whale, sea horses, mahimahi and even geckos. The most impressive carving is a rendition of Leonardo daVinci’s The Last Supper in koa. We can create signs for businesses, carvings for front doors, headboards for beds, almost anything a computer can design, we can make with our router.


   Gloria Kobayashi

Manager/ Sales Coordinator

Ray creates the products, and wife Gloria markets them.  Using her experience as a long-time Realtor and retired educator, she is responsible for quality control, pricing, and developing online sales and marketing of furniture, koa jewelry boxes and koa and mango urns.


     Roseanne McGuire

Operations Manager
Since graduating from Toronto’s John Brown Academy with a specialty in woodworking, Roseanne McGuire has spent over 20 years making fine furniture and art pieces for clients in Los Angeles and Hawaii. As Operations Manager for R K Woods, Hilo, she leads a talented team which enjoys crafting both exquisite keepsakes and larger pieces of impressive furniture from exotic woods such as Koa and Mango.
Roseanne is quick to say that RK Woods Hilo is not only a place of special woods but also a place of special people who love their work.


   Tim Barker

Project Engineer
As the Project Engineer at RK Woods, Tim Barber is responsible for ensuring a trouble-free transition of wood from newly milled lumber into delicate pieces of art or fine furniture. Since moving to Hawaii from Indianapolis, his extensive educational and computer background and his easygoing manner all combine to help our team solve any problems which might arise as the beautiful treasures are being created.